Jim Buss Custom Cues

Shop Tour

Here is my shop. It's 1408 Sq. Feet, and located in Overland, Missouri, 3 blocks from my favorite pool hall (Cue and Cushion), and 2 miles directly South of the St. Louis airport.
Just inside the front door, you see my office area. The table is a Saunier Wilhem table made in Pittsburg in the later 30's, or early 40's. It's 4.5X9, and is for sale. It belongs to a friend and he wants $3,000 for it. The price might be negotiable.

At the top center of the wall you see a picture frame with an American Flag in it. Below is a blowup of it.


I know that you can't read the text under the flag, but it says: "This flag was flown aboard the third flight of the Space Shuttle "Columbia" as it completed 130 revolutions of the Earth and traveled 3.4 million miles. It is presented to you in recognition of the significant contribution you made to the success of the mission. Presented to JAMES C. BUSS


Here is where I spend most of my time. This is my main lathe. I have a 6'X1.5Ft. opening looking into the office area so that I can see when someone comes in, or comes to the door. Since I'm there mostly in the evenings, the door is usually locked.
Here's my shop looking from near the rear. I didn't show you the last 15 feet of the shop, which is storage, and kinda junky.