A few of my buddies have been bugging me to get some photos on the Web Site. Well, here they are. I'm sorry, but these are the only photos I have at the current time. I'll update them as I get more cues made and photographed.


The cues above are ones I had at the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo in March, 1999. I still have the third cue, but the rest have been sold. Cue number 6 was made from a Purple Heart house cue, and is what I call my "Sneaky Pete" Cues 12, 13, & 15 are on page 56 of the Second Edition of the Blue Book of Pool Cues. Cue number 3 is number 2 of 2. The other one is in the Smithsonian's Museum of American History.
This cue belongs to a friend of mine in St. Louis. It's 12 points of Ebony and Pink Ivory.
This cue belongs to a great player in Houston. Those in the Los Angeles area will remember the "Tuna". The cue is made from a Purple Heart Titleist butt. This old Titleist butt had the most intense colors of any I've run across, and one of the few I've seen with Purple Heart wood. Don't ask me to make one like it because I can't. (unless you can find the Titleist Butt).
This cue is made from Olive Wood. The joint and butt cap are ivory. It belongs to a friend in San Antonio
The cue shown to the right is 8 points, made from Cocobolo, with the 4 long points surrounded by ebony and holly veneers. The inlays are all ivory. This cue is shown on page 56 of the second edition of the Blue Book of Pool Cues